• Secure
  • Flexible timescales
  • Clean and dry
  • Affordable
  • Easy to park
  • Convenient opening hours
  • Located off the B3266 Bodmin – Camelford Road MAP


Do you need some extra space for storage? 
We have secure, large storage units at our premises in North Cornwall available for you to rent for as short or as long as you like.

Our storage units are new, clean and dry with a large car park which can be accessed by large vehicles if required.

Each of our units are 20ft long and have an 8ft x 8ft opening, perfect for storing larger items.

The units have easy access and you are provided with your own padlock for security (don’t worry we keep a spare key) .

Our units offer a convenient dry, clean and vented facility for business or personal use.

For Personal Use

Do you need to store your personal belongings?

  • Do you require storage for a short time? Perhaps you are moving house or are in between college terms or planning to travel?
  • Do you need space to store your collections?
  • Store your tools and machinery safely and in the dry.
  • Need to store your spare furniture while renting your property?

For Business

  • Surplus building materials?
  • Need to lock away your tools ?
  • Need to store your stock?
  • Need temporary office storage?
  • Keep your gardening equipment
  • Archive your HMRC records

If you are interested in our self – storage facilities please

 Email:  storage@cedarcroft.co.uk

or call Mark on 07823 331226

What will I pay?

The cost of our units are £80 plus VAT per calendar month, and you can stay for as short or as long as you want.  The minimum charge is for one calendar month is £80+VAT.

Our weekly fee is £20 plus VAT. It is all flexible.

If you want to stay an extra week, we won’t charge you for the whole month, we’re nice like that!


We accept payment by bank transfer and can take card payments.

Storage Tips

We have been involved in the self – storage business for years. Here’s a few helpful tips.

  • Start off by laying down some plastic sheeting
  • Use good quality boxes that will not collapse when storing items
  • Leave a walkway down the middle
  • Place a list /map of where your items are on the door and keep frequently accessed items to the front of your unit
  • Label your boxes carefully and write on the sides and the top –if you have time keep an inventory on your computer or take a photo with your phone
  • For each box place heavy items on the bottom and then lighter items above
  • Fill boxes to capacity wherever possible to avoid breakages but avoid making them too heavy – remember you’ll have to be able to lift them. You can use materials such as paper or towels or can buy special packing. You might be stacking boxes on top of each other and the lower levels need to be sturdy enough to take the strain
  • Boxes that are only partly filled may tip over or collapse
  • Allow for air circulation
  • Place any valuables towards the rear of the room/unit
  • Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines
  • Try to pack to the ceiling by placing heavier items like drawers and wardrobes on the floor and lighter/fragile items on top. Fill all the spaces/gaps that appear with small items or soft items like bedding
  • When stacking boxes up high always place heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter/fragile ones on top
  • Keep a step stool so that you can reach your boxes
  • Bikes, Metal Equipment and Tools can be prevented from rusting if they are to be in storage for a long time by wiping with an oily rag before storing
  • Clean garden equipment before you store it to prevent corrosion
  • Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry and empty, Make sure that freezers/fridges are completely defrosted and wedge the doors open to let the air circulate
  • Drain washing machines and tie up the hoses
  • If storing clothes it is worth investing in wardrobe or clothes boxes – you’ll then be able to simply hang the clothes in them
  • For beds and furniture cover and pack with protective materials to keep their perfect condition
  • It’s obvious but avoid packing anything damp or wet
  • Drain the fuel tanks of lawnmowers, petrol strimmers etc before storing – this is safer and avoids fumes contaminating any long-term storage items.

http://www.helpiammoving.com/moving_house/selfstorage.php has some useful space guides

Let me know if you need any advice.

Don’t forget that Vicki at Cedar Croft Plants has a lovely café for coffee and cake when you need a break!